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Sukcheon Hall F1963 has opened Sukcheon Hall, where performances and exhibitions can be held together. Mobile stage and seats, sound facility and image equipment for performances and moving walls for exhibitions were installed, so Sukcheon hall became complex space.
F1963 Square A space where the sky meets earth. Seminars, performances as well as various showings of operas, films and live recordings are available throughout the year on the outdoor stage surrounded by herb gardens.
Bamboo Sori Trail Upon entering through the F1963 gate lies the Moso bamboo Sori Trail. Walk on the trail crafted from cut pieces of concrete factory floor while listening to the rustling of bamboo blades in the wind.
Glass Greenhouse The newly built Glass Greenhouse grows various rare plats, organic vegetables and fruits. The Glass Greenhouse is a "Green" area open all year round, a leisurely and refreshing space within F1963.
Moonlight Garden Pass through the annex buildings and F1963, there is a round garden with bamboos and maple trees. In the evening, the shadows cast by the bamboos is a must see.
F1963 Bridge This bridge connects the Kiswire HQ P2 parking lot to the F1963 Square and the Water Garden. From the Bridge you can enjoy a panoramic view of F1963 and the Suyeong riverside.
YES24 Used Bookstore YES24, the Korea’s largest online bookstore opened it’s first flagship store at F1963. Yes24@F1963 offers buyback of used books and features a crema experience zone, café and kid’s zone. Go to YES24 HoursWeekday 11:00 ~ 20:00
 Weekend & Holiday 11:00 ~21:00
 New year’s day (Jan. 1 on Lunar Calendar),
 Chuseok (Aug. 15 on Lunar Calendar) Closed
Phone Number+82-1566-4295
Kukje Gallery Busan Kukje Gallery has launched its first-ever outpost in Busan. Widely celebrated for its diverse and ambitious programming since its founding in 1982, Kukje Gallery aims to showcase works by a roster of internationally acclaimed contemporary artists as well as provide vital context with which to read their works to the regional audiences in Busan. Introducing a body of works ranging from paintings to sculptures, photography to video, the Busan space will present a unique opportunity for the audience to become better acquainted with contemporary art, interweaving the arts into the everyday life. Go to Kukje HoursTUE - SUN 10:00 ~ 18:00
 MON Closed
Phone Number +82-51-758-2239 E-mail
Terarosa Coffee Beginning with the wire installation work by artist Son Mongjoo, this unique café treasures the history of the factory by preserving some of its old artifacts to offer a one-of-a-kind atmosphere. At Terarosa, you will find coffee tables and a bar recycled from old steel plates, the original factory generator, and wire bobbins that accentuate the store. Choose coffee from various regions or enjoy freshly baked bread and desserts. Go to Terarosa Coffee HoursEveryday 9:00 ~ 21:00 (Last order 20:30) Phone Number+82-33-648-2760
Boksoondoga The Boksoondoga sonmakgeolli (hand-brewed rice wine) is produced from 100% freshly harvested Korean rice using original recipes and methods. Natural carbonation is achieved through a fermentation process using traditional yeast called nuruk. Boksoondoga combines time-honored traditions with natural fermentation techniques to create a unique Korean sonmakgeolli of the highest quality. Go to Boksoondoga HoursTUE – SUN 11:30 ~ 20:00(Last order 19:00)
 MON Closed
Phone Number+82-51-757-2963
Praha993 Praha993 is a Czech brewery and pub that uses the 1000-year-old recipe from Brevnov Monastery, where the first Czech beer was brewed in the year 993. Enjoy a variety of authentic Czech beers brewed by brewmasters from Brevnov monastery along with delicious traditional Czech food. Go to Praha993 HoursEveryday 11:00 ~ 22:30(Last order 21:30)
Phone Number+82-51-757-2703